Reserve currently! Searching in Greece your Kri Kri ibex

Reserve currently! Searching in Greece your Kri Kri ibex

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To many people, The Peloponnese peninsula on the Greek Mainland is the 'genuine' Greece, where things have actually not changed much at all over the centuries although that lots of people have actually discovered it. This is a location where you might conveniently invest a month, but if you are short promptly after that our exterior hunting, Fishing, free diving as well as visiting Peloponnese Tours from Methoni is a wonderful service.

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Hunting the kri kri ibex in Greece can be a tough task. Searching big video game in Greece is tough for foreign hunters. Wild boars and roe deer are the single option for local seekers besides the kri kri ibex, which is just pursued in meticulously protected special searching areas such as certain islands. The Kri Kri Ibex as well as mouflon can only be fired on special searching areas from morning up until noon, according to Greek regulation. Slugs are the only ammunition permitted. You need to schedule at the very least a year in advance for a permit. To make sure that only serious hunters are allowed on these journeys, the Greek Ministry of Nature as well as Agriculture concerns licenses. To make sure that the government problems a specific number of licenses per year.


On our Peloponnese excursions, you'll reach experience all that this outstanding area has to provide. We'll take you on a scenic tour of several of the most stunning as well as historic websites in all of Greece, consisting of ancient damages, castles, as well as a lot more. You'll additionally reach experience some of the typical Greek culture firsthand by appreciating several of the scrumptious food and also wine that the area is known for. And obviously, no trip to Peloponnese would be complete without a dip in the sparkling Mediterranean Sea! Whether you're a knowledgeable hunter trying to find a novice traveler or a brand-new adventure just aiming to check out Greece's spectacular landscape, our Peloponnese tours are excellent for you. What are you waiting for? Schedule your trip today!

If you're trying to find an authentic Greek experience, then look no further than our outside hunting in Greece with fishing, as well as free diving trips of Peloponnese. This is an unforgettable way to see every little thing that this fantastic region has to use. Schedule your trip today!

Where you can hunting Kri Kri Ibex in Greece ?

The Kri Kri ibex population is safeguarded on the two uninhabited islands by the state organisation Dasaiheo. In September, the decision is made whether or not to allow the hunting of Kri Kri ibex based on the population and health status. Currently, the only method to hunt for Kri Kri ibex is with a shotgun. The hunt is not physically demanding, and it offers an excellent hunting and tourism experience at the end of the Greek tourist season. The last few years’ average trophy size has been quite high, with nearly 90 percent of trophies earning medals and more than 50 percent earning gold medals.

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